EuroMaidan Rochester

About us

The situation in Ukraine turned into a crisis of major proportions with the illegal occupation/annexation of Crimea by Putin’s Russia. Within a few weeks, Putin initiated and supported separatist aggression on the Eastern Ukrainian-Russian border. In midst of this crisis, the Ukrainian people conducted a historic presidential election and elected the new President Petro Poroshenko; the people of Ukraine made their European choice. In response to Putin’s hostile and aggressive actions, our group’s activities took on greater significance and urgency to support our ancestral homeland Ukraine.

RocMaidan is an active community organization originally formed to support Ukraine’s democratic voices at Kyiv’s EuroMaidan. Our versatile group of professionals represents organizations and individuals in Rochester NY and neighboring regions. The group of volunteers is engaged in various venues to champion Ukraine’s courageous activists in their struggle for dignity, freedom and democracy. In our endeavors, we are joined by strong voices of our elected public officials as well as the efforts and generosity of the community at large. The group’s intention is to continue to provide information, resources, advocacy, connection and communication with federal, state and local officials, information sharing with media and educational institutions as well as the general public. It is imperative to maintain focus on humanitarian aid in the form of medical, civilian and military aid as well as nation building needs.

UKRAINE has chosen to protect its sovereignty, territorial integrity and most of all, her FREEDOM. As a young democratic nation, today more than ever, UKRAINE needs OUR SUPPORT and the SUPPORT of the West.

ROCMaidan Ukraine Advocacy Committee, March 2015

Irena Skrobach, Volodymyr Pavlyuk, Christine Hoshowsky, Valentina Makohon, Bohdanna Kowalchuk, Olia Korol, Zirka Dombchewsky